Thursday, 12 December 2013

My experience as an advertiser with BreezeAds

My experience as an advertiser with BreezeAds

 As a PPC Advertising Practitioner, I love to test new advertising networks on a regular basis. From past few months, I was testing a new ad network on my websites: So in this article I am going to share with you what I found.

 First of all I want to tell you that it has a solution for all the drawbacks of Google Adwords. Adwords requires you to learn several things but with BreezeAds you can save a lot of time required for learning because it’s dashboard has a pretty simple and clean interface.

Secondly, Adwords also takes some time in approving your ads while BreezeAds approves in a very quick manner. Last, but certainly not least, BreezeAds can help you in attracting most clicks because unlike Google Adwords it does not has strict rules against call-to-action encouraging ad text or images.

 When you sign up for BreezeAds, you will be asked for creating a campaign. While creating campaign, you will be given two options: ‘Any keywords’ or ‘Specific Keywords.’ If you choose ‘Any Keywords’, then your campaign and budget both will run out very fast because ads will show up on all publisher partner websites regardless of content and keywords.

But if you choose Specific Keywords then you will be provided with the option of defining your desired keywords. After that you can fill out other details according to your demands and when you finish your account you will be asked for funding it.

You can fund it either with Paypal or with AlertPay. Or if you want to pay through direct bank transfer, then you can do that too but you will have to contact the support team of BreezeAds for that purpose. Once you have made your payment, your campaign will go live in a small amount of time.

 When it comes to reporting then I want to tell you that BreezeAds offers simplest yet detailed reporting on it’s dashboard. Reporting also comes in three variants. You can export the report of an entire campaign, daily report and a keyword report too if you want.

 On the summary page you may find a list of all your campaigns. This list tells you the status of your campaign and also provides you access to several functions, reports or actions related to your campaign. Here you can also see some basic data about your campaigns like Per day budget, Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Average CPC and Cost.

You can also easily pause, resume or close your campaigns from here. If you wish, then you can also create a duplicate campaign which will have details very similar to one of your existing campaigns. Just hover your mouse pointer on the actions option listed in front of the campaign you want to duplicate, and in the drop down list click on dupli cate campaign.

 Now when it comes to effectiveness then I want to tell you that I got 47,000 Impressions, 517 clicks and 16 out of them turned in sales while 29 also became free members of my site. That’s fantastic for the amount that I paid. I spent about $47.00 and made $671.90 in return! So basically I want to say that BreezeAds is a Contextual Advertising Network that is one of the best Google Adwords alternatives.

It has some features which are better than Adwords even, so there is nothing bad in trying it. And if you try once, then you will love it
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